Artist Statement

Each of us is a concept. and each of us builds concepts.  These concepts define us and every single moment of our lives.  We were all placed on this Earth for specific reasons - and we as humankind have together made innumerable efforts in shaping and tuning our Earth in ways that benefit us.  It is my mission to show these changes and effects using technology.  If I could compact my photographic process and vision into one sentence, it would be “More than meets the eye”.  This is the dialogue I have in my mind while I am setting up, composing, and executing my photos.  I aim to present standard objects and surroundings using methods and techniques showing a dimension which is impossible to see with the naked eye.

Artist Biography

My name is Rubin Ross Roche and I was born 4 miles North of the Southern tip of India.  I have lived in the Chicago and outlying area for most of my life.  I have been involved with art since I was a kid, my favorite things to draw were cars and robots.  I had a “regular” type of education growing up and majored in Psychology in College but Art always stayed as a focus of my hobbies and interests.

I first started exploring seriously with photography in 2004, which is when I purchased my first DSLR camera.  I learned the basics of photography from hands-on exploration and then continued that learning throughout the years, continually expanding with new techniques and principles.  In 2006 I started doing my first serious “cityscape” type of images, and at the same time I also started dabbling with “HDR” photography.  HDR is a certain technique and style of photography which is able to show heightened degrees of color renditions by utilizing multiple exposures taken at set intervals.  This allows for the final image to be a representation showing the various degrees of highlights and shadows which appear throughout the actual scene.  HDR can be used to dramatize and heighten these views to lesser or greater degrees, depending on the desired look.  I enjoy the breadth and customizability to which HDR can shape and tone the viewing experience.

My cityscape work aims to show the impact of human existence on Earth and show how our presence here has quite literally changed the landscape.  What if our species were to end today, what would we leave behind?  What would future visitors see when they arrived?  The legacy of incredible structures we so masterfully placed all around the world is something I want to portray in a lasting manner through my photography.