Welcome to this page.  Here is a little information about me, the creator and producer of all content on this site.  My name is Rubin R. Roche and my middle name is Ross.  While I have had interest in photography all my life, I didn't start to get serious with it until April 2004, which is when I purchased my first DSLR, a Nikon D70.  I started out doing it as a hobby and getting to know the equipment, techniques, and methods (I am self-taught).

In November 2006 I upgraded to the full-frame Canon 5D, and this was a pretty big step in my progress as a photographer.  By this time I had started doing nightlife photography at a regular pace, and enjoyed doing that very much.  (more details coming soon). 

Publications and Appearances:

Chicago Tribune
Chicago Sun-Times
Sun-Times Splash
CS Magazine
Chicago Magazine
Modern Brides
CBS Chicago
Grassroots Motorsports
DuPont Registry


Getty Images contributor
White House credentialed
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